Ballet Pianist
Online Course

Ballet Pianist Online Course

The Course:


Combine that with learning a variety of musical styles for ballet classes, and you’re ready!

Come join me as I teach you how to musically approach a ballet class and use your piano knowledge. I’ll also give you juicy scores and ways to construct your individual repertoire of improvisation and musical ideas.

I’ll show you how whatever skill you have, whether it’s sight reading, improvisation, or any other type of musical skill, is transferable to your profession as a ballet class piano player.

By the end of the course, you’ll combine your knowledge and unique creativity with the techniques I’m teaching, building the music for an entire ballet class. You’ll be ready and eager to play for dancers!

The Method:

The Ballet Pianist Course gives you the tools to understand the musical needs of a ballet class and shows you how to use and adapt your existing musical knowledge.

I remember how overwhelmed I used to feel at the beginning of my career as a pianist for ballet class.

In time, I realized that there are others just like me, so since I couldn’t find a complete source of information, I decided to create this course.

My goal is to show you how to understand the structure of all the ballet exercises and what musical resources you can use based on what you already have:

  • You can start with the repertoire that you studied throughout your classical career
  • You can use the jazz standards that you have been playing for many years as a jazz pianist
  • You can play the pop or folk tunes that you have played in your band
  • You can improvise new tunes with the harmonic resources that you like

…and the list goes on.

Really, there’s no limit when it comes to your resources!

The music you’ve already learned and played before is the best place to start. All the musical skills and music styles are welcome in a ballet class because variety and versatility are the keys to our profession!

You will see two ballet teachers demonstrating all the ballet class exercises in different ways. This includes time signature, marking (or singing) the rhythm of the exercise with their voice, etc.

You will learn what dancers need for their different movements from the music and get access to varied repertoire choices that will show you exactly what to use when playing the different exercises in a ballet class. This varies from ballet repertoire to Disney music, pop, film music, classical and jazz.

When it’s time to add new music, you will know what pieces you can add to your repertoire to be ready for whatever ballet exercise comes your way. And then, the sky is the limit to the joy you bring with your music!

Sounds good? Read on!

Your Teacher:

Hola, I’m Mariana!

For the past 15 years, I’ve been playing for ballet and contemporary dance classes in many different ballet institutions and dance companies, from the Swedish National Ballet School to the Royal Danish Ballet.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve combined my musical abilities with my dance studies, bringing me to the full circle where I am now.

My mission is to help new ballet pianists worldwide understand the ins and outs of ballet classes.

I also enjoy supporting experienced ballet pianists to better understand the wide range of musical resources that can be utilized in the dance studio.

To achieve my mission, I created the Ballet Pianist Online Course so you can build a personal, versatile, and well-organized repertoire. You will leave with an ideal mix of juxtaposed music styles and resources, so you can play a ballet class full of joy.

You can read more about me here.

What & How:


The Ballet Pianist Course consists of multiple video lessons, score examples, ballet teachers’ videos and exercises to put your newly-acquired knowledge to work.

You will learn to approach all the different pieces you can play in a ballet class, covering sight-reading scores and improvisation skills.

You Will:

Understand the ballet class structure

Count music like dancers
Develop your improvisation skills

Enrich your repertoire library

Learn ballet class exercises’ dynamics

Confidently play for ballet classes


It takes a village…

Same piano, different music skills: be part of an engaging and helpful community!

Stuck? Can’t figure out which music piece to choose, how to play better for a particular exercise, or if you should read a score, compose, or improvise? Or do you feel you’d benefit from a like-minded crowd?

I’ve been there too.

And because I’m a firm believer in the syntagm “collaboration vs competition”, I invite you to join me in building a community of ballet class pianists.

I envision this as a multicultural, diverse collection of pianists from all musical backgrounds, musical preferences and corners of the world.

With this course, you also get access to my growing students’ community, to support you on your journey and provide you with the help to succeed.


  • You were invited to play for ballet classes, but you have no clue what to do!


  • You’re already playing, but you still feel lost and uncomfortable about what and how to play it.

  • You have a lot of experience playing for ballet classes, but you need some inspiration to diversify the scores and music styles you’re playing repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to complete the Ballet Pianist Course?

That depends on you! You get a self-paced course with lifetime access, so it’s entirely up to you. If you have the time to learn and apply on the go, then you can finish this course in one month.

Is there a level required to take the Ballet Pianist Course?

Yep! The course is for pianists that have an advanced level of music theory and that have, at least, two of these capabilities: good sight-reading music, improvisation skills in one or two music genres, and composition skills.

As a result of the varied needs of the dancers they play for, ballet class pianists must be flexible and eager to adapt quickly to their musical requirements and all the challenges of our profession. The more open-minded you are and the more musical resources you have, the more you get to develop the knowledge that this course gives you.

Do I need any specific computer skills to complete this course?

Nope! If you managed to get to this page and buy the course, then the rest is easy. ☺

Still, I got you – I will send some brief instructions on accessing the course. You will then mostly work with the piano and the free software already available on your computer.

Do I need to print the materials or download the videos?

The videos cannot be downloaded, but you can watch them as many times as you need on the Teachable platform. About the PDF and scores, you are free to choose if you want to print them or if you want to keep them on your computer. They will be available to download at any time and I encourage you to think about our planet 🌍

But wait, there’s more!


1:1 Ballet Pianist Coaching

Suppose you struggle with playing for ballet classes during or after finishing the course or still have questions. In that case, I encourage you to schedule a private coaching session with me. This is already included in the FULL and PREMIUM PACKAGE in the course.

And because I understand you might be unsure if this additional session is needed, you may book this session any time during the course.
Private coaching sessions allow me to analyze your music’s weaknesses and strengths and how you approach the ballet class.

Coaching is also helpful for ballet pianists already playing at dance schools or ballet companies and have additional specific questions about this job.

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