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Mariana is a driven and passionate pianist that understands the true key to binding dance and music together. She creates music in the room that lifts and inspires you as a dancer.

 Sebastian Michanek, artistic director at the Swedish National Ballet School


Mariana’s curiosity and knowledge of playing for dance make every movement in the dance studio like a performance.

– Monica Milocco, artistic director at Regionteater Väst Dans


Mariana is a passionate and creative pianist. Her interest in dance as an art form and its correspondence with the music is extremely noticeable and sensed during the dance class.

 Israel Aloni, independent choreographer & artistic director of ilDance

I have extended working experience playing for ballet and contemporary dance classes in Scandinavia, Spain, and the UK. I have played in prestigious dance companies such as the English National Ballet, Göteborgs Operan, Royal Danish Ballet, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Tivoli Ballet Theater; and also, in dance institutions such as Swedish National Ballet School, Danscentrum Väst, Balettakademien, Royal Academy of Dance, and Castilla y León Professional School of Dance.

After finishing the superior studies of piano performance and contemporary music at the prestigious conservatory Musikene (Spain), in 2006 I started to focus my work on the relationship of music with different arts. I have been always interested in the study and the detailing of the collaborative pianist in dance, and that’s why I studied with the prestigious ballet pianists Josu Gallastegui, Kim Helweg, Bernard Matracki, Kiko Franco, and Alberto de Paz. I also completed a Master’s degree in music theory at the Academy of Music and Drama (Gothenburg) in 2014, conducting a research project titled “The piano music in the ballet class. How can the pianist ‘talk’ to the dancers?”. In 2016 I completed the post-graduate program “The musical accompaniment for dance” at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Copenhagen). I also had an education on dance, and I completed the RAD Syllabus dance examination in 1998 and the Advance RAD examination in 1999.

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