Hi! Are you a pianist who wants to learn to play for ballet classes?

Then, watch this video and you will learn how to play and have enough piano repertoire to understand what the dance teacher needs, applying the method "Accompaniment Protocol".

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Even if you don’t understand the movements of the dancers, don’t know what music to choose for the different exercises, lack repertoire or don’t know how to improvise.

my story

I am Mariana Palacios

an expert in musical accompaniment for ballet classes. My passion for music and dance goes back to my childhood, when I decided to train in both classical piano and ballet. This combination has allowed me to understand this profession from a unique and complete perspective.

I have been playing for ballet classes for more than 15 years, and my journey until today has been very fluid and constant, but also thanks to a lot of hard work and effort. After finishing my piano studies in 2006, I moved to Madrid, where I started playing for dance classes, feeling that I had found my true path. Between 2010 and 2021, I lived in Gothenburg (Sweden), where I deepened my knowledge of this profession and studied it systematically, completing a master’s degree in music theory (2012-2014) and a postgraduate course in Copenhagen on “Musical accompaniment for dance” (2014-2016).

All this academic and professional background led me to create my YouTube channel in 2021, to make myself known and see if my ideas were reaching and helping more people. The success of my channel prompted me to launch my online course in April 2023, in order to share my knowledge and experience with pianists from all over the world.

In addition to my teaching, I have been interviewed on several renowned podcasts, such as “Musicians in Power”, “Felisa Monroy” and “Lau’s Dressing Room”, and I have participated as a speaker at the prestigious conference “Il corpo nel suono”, where I presented as the President the International Guild of Musicians in Dance, an organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in musical accompaniment for dance.

With my 15 years of experience playing for ballet classes, I have created a unique approach that combines music and dance, and with my commitment to teaching and outreach, I have established myself as a leader in the field of ballet class accompaniment. 

My goal is to continue to share my passion and knowledge with pianists around the world, helping them to develop the skills necessary to succeed in this exciting profession.

© 2024 Mariana Palacios