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In the last years, Mariana Palacios has developed a very ambitious project in the form of a film trilogy, in which she aims to unify music and dance with the cinematographic language. She is the director, producer, performer, and composer of her films, collaborating with a wide range of international artists.

The first two pieces, SERES (2016) and 4 (2020) have been presented in international dance film festivals around the world with great reviews. In her films, she addresses different music and dance genres and how they interplay, in a taking-and-giving egalitarian way. Mariana decontextualizes the piano as a concert instrument and presents it in different sceneries,  experimenting with its projection. Mariana sets to build three types of symbiosis between music & dance: the instinctive in SERES, the physical in 4, and the mental in the third film of the trilogy. It has been through these recent work processes when Mariana has reached her potential as an artist by creating “visual music art”.



Mariana is one of the most original voices in screen dance, bringing to the next level the fusion of movement and music creation.

EIVV – International Meeting on Videodance and Videoperformance


4 is an experimental short film that brings the audience to a research space to identify the source of balance and proportions in the combined art forms. Two pianists and two dancers travel together in a retro-futuristic quest for knowledge through pulse and rhythm, creating a progressive and hypnotic piece, and placing the piano as a common operating table for their interaction.

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SERES is an experimental short film inspired by the symbiosis between music, dance, and nature. In the film, a mystery arises where the instinctive and rational, the conscious and the unconscious, the music, and the dance, are embodied in two beings. The interpretation is open: is the movement what creates the music, or is the music what causes the movement? Is the music that represents the nature that surrounds it, or is that nature which makes the music to emerge? The questions arise in a vision that turns on itself in essentialism full of metaphors.

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